Briefly in English

Our story, dogs, sights

This section is truly briefly in English as I will try to merge  content into just this one page 😉 For more information in English, grab a phone and call or email me! And our Instagram is totally in English.

I've always been fond of animals. Used to live on a stable and took dogs on our neighborhood for walks since age of 10! Thinking now how much them dog owners trusted on such a young child as some of the dogs were big, such as Newfoundland. I couldn't have a dog of my own as my sister was allergic.

Got my first own dog only after I settled to Finland after living my young adulthood abroad. That dog, called Jokna (sami language, lingonberry in English) was mixed breed who teached me so much. Not quite sure weather I rescued her, or she rescued me 🥰 We got to spend almost 9 years together. My oldest dog now Sarrit got to meet Jokna and learned a lot from grand old lady before cancer took her.

Pics of my dogs, links to their pedigrees and subscriptions in Finnish are on their own pages: Sarrit, Gidja, Jantter

Dogs are way of life, our way of life. Couldn't imagine my life without dogs around! They travel everywhere with us, even on Sunday rides by car 😆 I reckon dogs bring happiness and joy into life. A lot of work too, but it's well worth of it all 💝

What comes to breeding dogs, I aim to breed responsibly typical (correct type) healthy rough collies with good character. I aim to use only health tested dogs and preferably mental character tested too. I don't use too young dogs and won't breed fur. Rough collie is much more than "lion looks". Rough collie should be able to do what it was originally bred to do. I want to be proud of my breeding and each combination will be well planned and considered as possible reproducer.

I'm interested and enthusiastic of breeding dogs! I want to learn more all the time. I am a member of The Finnish Kennel Club, Finnish Collie Association and Finnish Dog Breeders Association.